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"You must be the change you wish to see in the world."
- Mahatma Gandhi


































































































Philosophical Papers

Below are links to various Philosophical Papers I have written over my lifetime on various Philosophical Topics which include:  Social Philosophy, Ethics, Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Philosophy, Philosophy of Religion, Philosophy of Human Nature (Philosophical Anthropology), Meta-Science, Philosophy of Science, Theory of Truth, Epistemology, Philosophy of Mathematics, Philosophy of Language.  Philosophy to many is reading Plato or bullshitting on the street.  It is neither of these.  Modern Philosophy is concerned with modern topics such as the relation between the mind and the brain, the structure of the mind, is the mind a computer?, is the universe a computer?, what is the relation between language and thought?, what is the structure of knowledge, etc. as well as more traditional concerns like what is truth and what can we know?  Read Exam Questions from the Philosophy of Mind below to get a sense of what contemporary Philosophers are concerned with.  In my experience Philosophy is the easiest thing to do poorly and the hardest thing to do correctly.



Universal Randomness and Determinacy

Consistent and Inconsistent Systems

Processes and Algorithms

Is the Universe a Computer?

Human and Computer Decisions

Language and Thought



Seriality and Parallelism in Mind and Computing


Philosophy of Mathematics

Philosophy of Philosophy

Philosophical Quips I: My Views on Various Topics

Conversations Between Eric Wasiolek and Other Philosophers and Scientists

Philosophy, Religion, and Evidence



The Problem with Neuroscience

Is the Brain a Computer?  (Searle)

Reflexive Science


Living Inside Out Rather Than Outside In

Exam Questions Philosophy of Mind




Is the Universe a Computer?

Meaning – A Meta-Scientific Topic (not good edit)

Natural and Artificial


Philosophy of Philosophy

An Analysis and Evaluation of Philosophy

Janice What is Philosophy?

Organization of Knowledge (this is your book may not want to put this on a website)    

Personal Philosophy Project

Philosophy of Philosophy

Philosophy-GenKnowl (a JPG)

What Philosophy Should Be Doing (unfinished)


Philosophy of Science                                                                     

An Analysis of the Scientific Method

Explanation (Not Mine)

Kant and Contemporary Science

Kant and Reflexive Science            

Reflexive Science


Synthetic Science       

Theories and Models

Time (unfinished)      

Universal Randomness and Determinacy


Philosophy of Mind

Beliefs and Desires

Free Will and Circumstance

Animal Cognition

Chimpanzee and Man

Searle on Consciousness (not mine)

Context and Context Switches

Dualism Defense (not mine)

Philosophy of Mind Exam Questions

Philosophy of Mind


Mind Brain Interface Article (not mine)

Neurocognition Talk

Note to Klaus:  Quantum Mechanics and Free Will

Perception Games       

Philosophical Implications of Brain Machine Interfaces

Philosophy of Mind

Philosophical Paper 7-10-2018:  Volition

Philosophical Papers 6-26-18

Processes and Algorithms

Psyche (and Volition)

Is the Brain a Computer? (by Searle)

Seriality and Parallelism in Mind and Computing

The Problem with Neuroscience

The Structure and Content of Consciousness



Philosophy of Religion

A Panopoly of Beliefs

A Rejection of Religion

The Disturbing Nature of Truth Versus Comfortable Beliefs

Einstein and God

Faith Qua Unsubstantiated Belief

God Through Science

Human Finitude and God


Philosophy of Religion

Philosophy of Religion

Philosophy of Religion and Evidence

Phil-relig (my religion)


Science and Religion (PDF not mine)

Scientists and Religion (PEW Research – not mine)

The Theory of Evolution Creationism and Combined Beliefs

Why I’m Not a Christian

Philosophy of Human Nature (Philosophical Anthropology)

Character and Intelligence

Chimpanzees and Man

Cowardice and Bravery

Evil is Completely Human

Human and Computer Decisions

Sexuality Human and Animal



Theory of Truth

Consistent and Inconsistent Systems

Gradations of Truth

Information Definition

Philosophical Papers 6-26-18 (Truth and Simplicity)

Science and Detective Work (The Search for Truth)

Thinking in Science, Philosophy, and Law

Truth Whole Truth and Partial Truth

Why We Often Don’t Want the Truth



Limits of Knowledge

Human Finitude (and God)

Information Definition


Philosophy of Mathematics

Philosophy of Mathematics (Word and PDF)



Absurdity and Sense


Philosophy of Language




Philosophical Quips – 11/27/2004

Philosophical Quips – 2/8/2014



My Ethics

Ethics and Morality

Fair Play


Free Will and Love

Free Will and Circumstance

Freedom from Interference

Good and Bad Will and Beliefs


Human Egocentricity and Altruism


Intellectual Courage

Character and Intelligence

Living Inside Out Instead of Outside In


Sports and Character


Talent:  Maximize It

The Courage to Be Yourself (edit)

The Despicable Culture of Possessiveness and Jealousy



Social Philosophy

A Just Equal America


Bad Losers             (edit, enhance with Trump being a bad loser too)

Beliefs and Desires

Confusion Over Justice and Equality

Culture of Complainers


Economic Analysis of Social Issues

Equality:  A Rational Basis

Immigration Policy

Social Philosophy

Intellectual Cowardice in Political Discourse

Mediocrity Versus Excellence

Meritocracy and Diversity  -- 2/12/21  (combine)

Meritocracy Versus Diversity --- 3/20/21 (combine)

Might is Right Philosophy – A Criticism

Military Facts, Military Statistics

Perception Games

Social Philosophy

Politically Correct Lies and Other Topics of Untruth

Politics as Fleeting Versus Universal Truths (two which are the same)

Proprietary Versus Open Systems (dangerous to publish)

Race:  A Statistical Analysis (somewhat dangerous to publish)

Racial Biology  (this is not racists, a scientific analysis)

Racism and Anti-Racism (dangerous to publish)

Sanctimoniousness (dangerous to publish)


Social Philosophy

Weak Feminism and Strong Feminism

The American Promotion Machine (dangerous to publish)

The Logic of Liking Relations

Two Americas (Left and Trumpism)

Volition Power Popularity and Politics

Wishful Thinking

Women The Way Forward


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