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General Information about Career

I came to California in 1980.  For the first two weeks I was homeless and lived in my car.  Ten years later I was flying around the world delivering speeches on distributed database and publishing articles on distributed computing.  My career was a meteoric rise.

I graduated in 1983 with a degree in Philosophy from U.C. Berkeley.  I had never taken a computer science course, didn't know how to program, but knew I was interested in computers (in machines that can mimic human mental operations).  I found my first computing job through the newspaper.  I entered Kontron Electronics as an Inside Sales Engineer filling out sales contracts.  But I quickly taught myself computing.  I read Adam Osborn's book on Microcomputers (microcomputer architecture and operation).  I learned enough C and UNIX at work to be promoted to UNIX Microprocessor Development System Product Marketing Engineer.  I worked 80 hours a week:  40 hours doing my job and 40 hours teaching myself computing.  My entire computing career, including publishing many technical articles, was done with nothing but an undergraduate degree in Philosophy and self-teaching.  Please read the short blurbs on each job to follow my meteoric rise in the world of computing and Silicon Valley.

Kontron Electronics

UNIX Microprocessor Development Systems Product Marketing Engineer

Came on board as inside sales engineer and then was quickly promoted to UNIX Microprocessor Development Systems Product Marketing Engineer. Also managed logic analyzers and in-circuit emulators. We built the computer systems that build computer systems: CAD/CAE, hardware development with logic analyzers, software development with cross assemblers for embedded applications, in-circuit emulators for embedded systems debugging along with host systems like UNIX and PC for software development and control. Was responsible for defining the next generation of product and all aspects of sales and marketing of these instruments.


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Informix Software

Systems Engineer

Worked as a systems engineer on relational database products including software development tools such as C-ISAM, an indexed record handler, ESQL/C (embedded SQL for C) and 4GLs (Fourth Generation Languages). Worked with OEMs on ports of our relational database products onto various implementations of UNIX. Worked with our TURBO product which bypassed the UNIX file system and did raw i/o for exceptional speed. Worked with Tandem on a failsafe database machine.  Co-authored an article on Informix Programming Tools.

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Unix Networking Product Manager

Managed the UNIX products for a ethernet and TCP/IP networking vendor interconnecting for the first time dissimilar computer systems from PCs, MACs, VAXes, and UNIX systems. Ran a product development and release team through product launch. Managed the joint development effort with the Santa Cruz Operation. We were pioneers in the Internet revolution. Wrote numerous articles on distributed computing (click on images below to read articles). Traveled to India at this time (see video below). Excelan was an Indian owned company (owned by Kanwal Rheki).

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Manager of Distributed Ingres Product Marketing

Managed three product lines: the STAR distributed database, database gateways (in 1988 and 1989), and Ingres-Net networking products for a database company. My product was voted as best product of the year by Digital magazine in 1990. Was responsible for working with engineering to define the next generation of product and teaching sales to sell against the competition. Was responsible for all press and analyst operations, starting a revolution in distributed database in the press. Spoke at industry conferences nation and worldwide about distributed database technology. Wrote an article on database gateways in UNIX Review magazine (1989). Became qualified for this job due to my background in both networking and database (distributed database is a networked database) and through writing numerous articles on heterogeneous distributed computing.  Business trips to England, France, Sweden, and Australia. Personal trips to France, Italy and Australia/New Zealand (see videos) at this time. See videos below on distributed database talks.

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Heterogeneous Distributed Database Competition

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Distributed Database Talk


Relational and Distributed Database Technology Manager and Product Marketing Manager

Worked in the UNIX Division. Started in Marketing Programs, running Trade Shows, the Seminar Program, and Technical Conferences. Uniforum was widely seen as the best trade show ever executed under my watch. Spoke nation wide on how to get mainframe computers to coexist with UNIX systems. Switched later to the Technology group where I developed the Systems Management Strategy and worked on the Glass House strategy for VLDB UNIX Mainframe type systems. Finally worked in Product Marketing Management: Job involved defining the next generation of product with Engineering and teaching Sales and distribution channels to sell the product. Spoke to press and analysts on our distributed and database gateway strategy. International trips at this time: France, Bali, and Tahiti.

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Technical Market Analyst and Contractor

Worked in Open Systems and Open Database throughout my career publishing articles on heterogeneous distributed computing and revolutionizing distributed database technology. Created a sole proprietorship in 1991 named Enterprise Computing Systems (ECS). Worked as a technical market analyst. Worked for Wollongong as the HTML Server Product Manager.  Wollongong created one of the first browsers and HTML servers for the internet.  Worked on contract for Sybase in Product Marketing Management. I was the Sybase Server Relational Database Product Marketing Manager.  Did web development for Stem Cell Action. After this point returned to academia to pursue and complete a doctorate in computer science, MBA, and Master of Science in Computational Biology. International travel at this time: Kenya, Tanzania, Zanzibar, Holland, Thailand, China, Burma, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic, Poland, Russia, Philippines, Turkey, Greece, Costa Rica, Belize, Panama. 2005 to Present: Peru, Bolivia, Botswana, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Argentina, Chile, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Greenland, Iceland, Egypt, and others while pursuing advanced degrees. See World Travel Videos.


Master of Science in Computational Biology

(Master Thesis at Stanford) - 2005 to 2008

Relevance to Career:  In the Master of Science in Computational Biology I increased my programming skills by taking many computer science courses where almost all assignments were programming assignments and for my Master's Thesis at Stanford I wrote seventeen programs to simulate the development of the nervous system of  a worm (a model organism called C Elegans).  Notably I created a neural network by computationally representing the nervous system as a graph, note that the current generation of AI heavily uses artificial neural networks (ANNs).

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MBA - Cal State East Bay - 2008 to 2011

Relevance to Career:  As in my career I worked as a technical marketing manager, part of my job required business skills.  Since I had no computer science degree or business degree as I was working as a Product Marketing Manager, I had to learn the business skills myself.  The MBA enhanced my business skills.

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Doctorate in Computer Science

Colorado Technical University

June 2015 - June 2018

Relevance to Career:  An advanced degree in computer science deepened my knowledge of programming, distributed systems from an engineering point of view, and prepared me for AI by studying big data systems and machine learning.  I have completed a doctorate in computer science at Colorado Technical University with a 4.0 GPA. The program consisted of 96 credits in computer science and an original dissertation. The dissertation is on bioinformatics algorithms and is entitled "Exploring Improvements in Pattern Recognition, Machine Learning, and Next Generation Sequencer Algorithms Needed to Analyze Big Genomic Data Sets." The topic combines my background and degree in computational biology with a background in programming and computer science. Although my career was initially in Systems Engineering but primarily in Product Management and Product Marketing, I have switched my trajectory towards teaching computer science.

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AI Researcher

(Part Time - Retired)

Currently largely retired but attending AI conferences and working on AI research.  Continue to leverage my doctoral work in machine learning, big data, and my masters work in computational neural networks to do AI-based Python programming and training of large data sets through neural networks to identify patterns in data (such as object recognition in visual fields), and to do generative AI such as automated text generation (ala ChatGPT).  I also did graduate work in Markov Chains and Stochastic Processes which are related to the next word probability of automated text generation.  The challenge has been learning Python programming (I am a C/C++ programmer).  Loading and preparing large data sets, training data, and performing predictions on that data as well as generative AI programs are all done now primarily in Python.  The AI Development Libraries such as TensorFlow, Keras, Torch, SciKit, Hugging Face, and Kubernetes are all primarily Python Libraries.



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