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"You must be the change you wish to see in the world."
- Mahatma Gandhi



































































































Most of my poetry I wrote when I was quite young:  in high school and at Grinnell college.  I was in a more literary part of my life then.  There are a few pieces that are more recent.  The poetry is largely what I consider philosophic poetry, poetry that will make you think.  Other poems are more personal to former girlfriends.  I was more emotional and romantic in my youth before I went into computing and science and became more logical, mathematical and perhaps distanced from my emotions (I certainly became a less emotional person over time).  I cannot write a poem unless I feel something deeply.  This poetry is all original and copyrighted (all poems below are Copyright Eric Wasiolek) and protected by Intellectual Property law.  Kindly do not copy it. I may try to publish these poems as a book at some point.




Mental Wanderer

Dictean Cave

In Hush Silence of Retiring Night

Lady of Endless Night

The Only Thinker Thoughtless




Lay Us Bare




This Death Each Birth Joy Brings

Time as Black Liquid Flow


Only This

Secret Wounds


Truth is Too Simple to See

I Alone

Larger Than Us

A Tale Was Told


Perched Upon A Hill So High


Places Forgotten


Infinite Nothingness

Echo of Windswept Cries

Final Considerations:  An Ode to Philosophy

The Evermore

Stranger In My Own House




The Only Thinker Thoughtless

Like tombs, his monuments erected

They loom the dead manís craft

On rock, the age-old element

Reads his epitaph:


The only poet, penless

The only thinker, thoughtless

The only being, being



Secret Wounds


Blood I love as solid flesh

Secret wounds unhide!

I am not a pretty sight

Scarred with you inside.





Oh that I could be as time

And mourn with no special sorrow

At my death

Nor greet my birth with especial joy


Oh that I could be indifferent

To the ephemeral as to the infinite

To stand aside from this on-going happening

As a beingless being


Places Forgotten


A mere shell

Of what once was


Of voices past

I walk these  corridors

Of empty footsteps

Where silent glances


Among the shadows

Of times that never were


The Grinnell Corridors --- Copyright Eric Wasiolek 1991


Only This


Wherever I am

I am never elsewhere

Whatever I do

All else is left undone

Whatever I say

I havenít said more

Another time I am not

And you crush me with this thought

That whoever I am

I am nobody else




Never ceased this sweet whispering

Never her modest silence these cries overheard

And with each crying out

Sent my restless voice searching her

Only to hear from her calmed lips

A word

Alas to know it wasnít mine spoken

And then I heard

How a voice never listens

And a thinking is unanswered


Infinite Nothingness

he falls

in the infinite nothingness

he grasps absent walls

scrambling to right himself

he finds illusionary ledges

disappearing with hope

he plunges into eternity

realizing the relentlessness

he plants both feet

firm in the emptiness

He walks



Lady of Endless Night

In the movement of bodies

You are stillness

In the traffic of looks

You are a silent glance

In the buzz of lips

You are an elapse of words


Oh beautiful black eyes

Whereupon my spirit pries

What inner resource possess your being

To magnetize

This inward seeing?


Could it be that you are real?

While these others unwrapped are paper still

Could it be that you are real?


What travesty these fools comprise

An audience for outward eyes

But you my lady of endless night

I to this private heart invite


Life's Measure

Next to nothing this love lies sweet

Where two unloved, for moment meet.

Our kiss will end, our embrace release

And new loveís joy cause old to cease


I do not wait for lasting things,

But greet this death each birth joy brings

And oh my love may you find lifeís measure

That pleasure little is to less a treasure.




i with me

walked through a forest

tall of tree

and speaking of us

each silently

we decided

what we would be




Oh that I possessed objective eyes

How I might laugh

To see the simplicity of all that is complex and mysterious

To smile at my incompetence in trifflings

And offer release to the inevitable


Yet even the realization of my dreams

Fears this inevitable infinity

That each transcendence fears another

And even beyond is such a petty thought

When perhaps those eyes look on

Just beyond these thoughts

Which will never escape themselves to see


Truth is Too Simple to See




Show me

How pace

Can outlive meaning

There is no time

But to pursue

What one ignores

Or to reject

What one seeks

Or to acquire

What one already has

For as life is always tomorrow

The present has never come to be

Mute and alien


As a fool

Is to simple to see


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 Eric Wasiolek
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